Kuro Kura is a selection of artisanal sakes curated by Kyoto sake bar owner Yoram Ofer and Tokyo-based drink writer Nick Coldicott. 


We select sakes from producers who eschew modern industrial conveniences in favor of hands-on, traditional methods. The brews might be sweet, dry, tart or packed with umami. What they have in common is complexity, balance, character and the fact that they are brewed for flavour, not fashion or commercial motivations.


Everything we choose is junmai, made from nothing but rice, yeast, koji-kin and water.  

The Brewers


From seedling to sake, a true artisanal brewer.


The former winemaker now brewing cult sakes in Nara.


The kings of the “hot yamahai” method.


Sakes from the brewing heart of Hiroshima.


The marketing exec who became an umami master.


The pioneering female toji makes eye-popping brews.

Miyako Bijin

Umami hits from the artisans of Awaji Island.


The all-natural sake from a true brewing maverick.

Terada Honke

The 300-year-old brewery making old-school gems.

©2020 KuroKura. Header photo Jeremie Souteyrat, Akishika

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